Ohan Dourian

Los Angeles April 23rd, 2001 Dorothy Chandler's Pavillion Concert

Madeleine Aprahamian Collection (San Diego, CA - USA)

  • Ohan Dourian was born in Jerusalem, where he studied composition and conductiong in teh Conservatory. Since the late 1940's he has toured extensively in Europe. As a young conductor he receveid warm reception in the cities of Austria, Holland, Turkey, and in Paris whre he lived for ten years before moving to Armenia. In France, Dourian studied with such distinguished conductors as Roger Desormiere and Jean Martinon. During this period he also wrote music imbued with the spirit of Armenian song. Until the mid 1970's, he was principal conductor of the Armenian Symphony Orchestra in Yerevan and won recognation as a major artist, conducting the best orchestras throughout Soviet Union. Dourian renounced the Soviet citizenship an Austrian so that he might persue his conducting career with greater freedom in the West. In 1992, he returned to Armenia, where he assumed the responsabilities of Artistic Director for the Radio And Television Symphonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Society in Yerevan. Dourian, who has been called The Tiscanini of Eastern Europe has won recognition in many countries, both East and West, where his brilliant performances are always outstanding successes. As multi-lingual as he is musically versatile, Ohan Dourian should be considered a citizen of the World.