President Mahmud Abbas - Abu Mazen
Present to the Armenian Christmas
Ceremony 2006
"Photo REX" (Harout Semerdjian)

  • BETHLEHEM, January 18, 2006 (WAFA)- President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Bethlehem to participate in the festivities of the Armenian Church in Christmas. The Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Torkom Manoogian organized a reception to President Abbas in the Armenian Monastery in Bethlehem.

    Abbas said that he has the honour to participate in the Armenian festivities, as he participated other Christians in Christmas.

    "We and the Armenian suffered of historical difficulties, we hope that it would vanish, but it would not vanish from our memory," the President added.

    The Patriarch stressed that "we are an integral part of the Palestinian people," hoping that the establishment of the Palestinian state could be achieved soon.

The photographer is Mr. Antoine Nalbandian from Jerusalem
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