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Published in France
French Senate adopted
the Law penalizing
the denial
of the Armenian Genocide
on January 23rd
applying a E.U.directive

The Constitutional Council
of France
invalidated this law as being
on February 28 2012

The Struggle continues ! !


For How Long The Turkish State Denial
Is Going To Succeed Imposing
Historical Falsifications
By Its Usual Geostrategic Blackmail ?
  • It is not new how Western States act to exploit fanatism among Muslims : how orientalists of Imperial Germany prepared the Djihad declared in the Ottoman Empire in november 1914. There is a testimony of Ambassador Henry Morgenthau : >>>

To have an idea of the unvisible part of the iceberg, please watch the film SYRIANA with George Clooney - Produced by G.C. in 2005

A very good 90 mn video by the German TV on the 1915 Armenian Génocide : AGHET
with scrolling English text - YouTube - Google.Videos

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Germany and the Secret Genocide
(Video, 58 mn on Google

Live Webcam
to Mount Ararat

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