• 1- A brief introduction to the Armenian Church on the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of Armenian adoption of Christianity as state religion, article by Ara Ashjian, Baghdad, Iraq, appeared in “Orient’s Star” religious periodical, issue no 27, 2001.

    2- “The Armenians, The Turks and the Europeans” an article by Giragos Kouyoumdjian, Kuwait, appeared in the “
    Al Qabas” daily of Kuwait, 22/11/2004

    3- Article by Deniz Attalla Haddad published in Lebanese daily “
    Al Safir” on 28/10/2004 about the presence of the Armenians in the new Lebanese Government.

    4- Three articles of Ara Ashjian of Baghdad, published in the Iraqi official “Al Qadisia” newspaper in 1991 in cooperation with the Iraqi writer Sabah Al Lami.

    5- “Sound Echoes” translation of a group of poems written by Lebanese Armenian poet Sarkis Giragossian, published in “Al Thawra” newspaper, Damascus, 14/9/2004, translated by
    Dr. Nora Arissian, an Armenian scholar based in Damascus.

    6- “The departure of the Armenians”, short story by Syrian writer Ahmed Sweidan, published in the 10/6/2000 issue of “Literal Week” Syrian literal weekly. The main topic is the return of Armenians to their motherland and the feelings of an Arab family during the farewell.

    7- “The damages of the etiquette”, a classical Armenian book from the 19th century by Hagop Baronian, translated into Arabic by
    Dr. Nora Arissian and published in Damascus. Presentation of the book as appeared in the UAE daily “Al Bayan” on 27/7/2004.

    8- “Armenian pains”, comments by journalist Mohammad Al Kouli in UAE daily “
    Al Bayan”, 24/6/2000, comparing Armenian Diaspora with the Arab Diaspora.

    9- “The Armenians in the writings of Syrian intellectual Mohammad Kurdali”, article by
    Dr. Nora Arissian in the “Literal Week”, Damascus, 8/7/2000.

    10- “Turkey allows the screening of Ararat film on Armenian Genocide”, AFP news, “
    Al Watan” newspaper, Saudi Arabia, 23/12/2003, with comment from Azad-Hye.com

    11- Several articles of Kuwaiti Armenian Giragos Kouyoumdjian that appeared in Arabic newspapers and periodicals on Armenian subjects and other subjects that concern the Arab reader.

    12- “The forty days of Musa Dagh”, article by Ibrahim Al Aris in London based newspaper
    Al Hayat” (English Version), 14/9/2003, about the famous book of Austrian-Jewish writer Franz Werfel, in which the heroic fight of Musa Ler Armenians (present day inhabitants of Anjar town in Lebanon) is depicted.

    13- “The Armenians assure their loyalty to the coming Palestinian State”, from Arabic and International media sources, “Al Bayan” UAE daily, 27/8/2000

    14- “The Burning Tigris”, presentation of the famous book of Peter Balakian, “Al Bayan” UAE daily, 8/3/2004

    15- “About the Armenian Genocide and Armenian-Turkish relations”, article by Farouq Hadji Moustafa, specialist in Kurdish affairs, from a Kurdish website in Arabic language.

    16- “The relatives of the Armenian Genocide are asking compensation for the insurance policies taken by their keens who perished during the Genocide”, report by Emil Danielian and Hary Tamrazian, from “
    Eurasianet” website, Arabic edition.

    17- “In the memory of the Genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians in Turkey”, article by Suleiman Yousef Yousef, Assyrian writer from Syria, expert on minority affairs, 26/4/2004,
    rezgar.com website.

    18- “A Swedish booklet angers the Turks”, AFP news published in Saudi daily “
    Al Watan”, 1/2/2002 about distributing a booklet in Turkey during the tour of a Swedish trade delegation in that country. You can read also the comment of Azad-Hye.com website.
    19- “The conditions of the Armenians as mentioned in the official journal”, by
    Dr. Nora Arissian, “Literal Week”, Damascus, 23/12/2000, subjects related to Armenians as appeared in the official newspaper of newly found Government in Syria after the withdrawal of the Ottomans.

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