• Did you learn French at highschool and do you still master it just a bit ? Have your parents or grand-parents been in a French school in the Middle East, in Turkey or in the Ottoman Empire ? Or maybe there are teenagers in your family who are studying French at highschool ? (*1)

    If so, you certainly know that there has been an Armenian interest regarding French Culture in the Past (*2) or in the Present (*3). Such cultural and historical relations with Armenians are not negligible and even important. They have effectively happened in French History for centuries since the Middle Ages.(*4)

    Thus there is an actractive grassroot apropriate action to do in influential francophile information to the cultural institutions of your country dealing with France or teaching French like "Alliance francaise" or Universities in your country

  • Besides this, from where you live, you can bring your contribution in mentioning City Councils of the regarded towns or villages of France that there is a historical-cultural particularity of their towns or villages. (*6)

    All the more, it is important to know that local City Councils of France elect Electoral Colleges for French Senators.
    For indeed :
    - the Armenian Genocide was recognized by France as a law seven years ago (*7) during Jacques Chirac Presidency who visited Armenia in October 2006 (*8)
    - French "Assemblée nationale" voted a new bill penalizing Armenian Genocide Denial more than two years ago
    and still French Senate has not yet put this bill on the agenda. (*9)

    Even from far abroad, you can send a message to these local City Councils of France reminding your cultural francophile legacy. Please express your sincere and grateful feelings in their local past related to the History of Armenia. They will understand that there is a real historical-cultural-touristic interesting potentiel. This will touch many local French City Council members that their township or parish are known and appreciated from Armenian Diaspora families. (Planned Texts in future Web Pages)


[ Communities of France with 1915 Genocide Memorials ]

Twin Cities of France linked with Foreign Countries
to inform their City Council and Parishes from your Home Land
on Historical-Cultural Relations between Armenia and your Country

WWI Armenian Veterans who fell in The Glory Fields for France

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